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Alphabet – German Course with Eva, lesson 3

Alphabet: in this lesson you will learn how to write, spell and pronounce alphabet in german. lesson in english. Das alphabet


The German alphabet is composed of 26 letters. There are 4 additional letters used when writing in German but they are not included in our alphabet. These letters are:

Ä which is pronounced like “head”. An example of a German word with this letter is Gäste – guests

Ö which is pronounced like “blur”. An example: Hören – hear

Ü –  its sound doesn’t exist in English. An example: Tür – door

ß it sounds like a sharp s as in “list”. An example: groß – big


The letters of our alphabet are the same as in English, only the pronunciation changes. I will first say the letter and afterwards give an example of a word starting with it. Let’s go!



A – Affe

B – Bär

C – Chamäleon

D – Dose

E – Engel

F – Fuß

G – Glocke

H – Hund

I – Insel

J – Jäger

K – Kind

L – Loewe

M – Maus

N – Nuss

O – Osterhase

P – pinsel

Q – Qualle

R – Rose

S – Sonne

T – Topf

U – Uhr

V – Vase

W – Waage

X – Xylophon

Y – Yoga

Z – Zebra




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