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German with Eva, lesson 29 a- Culture, Berlin (English version)

Culture, Berlin. Discover the beautiful capital of Germany

Berlin, Germany’s capital, has had a quite difficult history. After the Second World War in 1949 Germany got divided in East and West Germany – the DDR and the BRD. The Western part was governed by English, American and French and the Eastern part by Russian. Some years later in 1961 the government of the DDR started to build a wall, to stop emigration from East to West, which divided this wonderful city in two parts – East and West Berlin. In 1989 finally the German Wall fell down and thousand of people celebrated the reunion dancing on the streets.
Nowadays you can still visit some pieces of the Wall and the Check Point Charlie.
Today Berlin is known for its artists, its museums and its flair. You see, Berlin is worth a visit. Have a look on the great architecture of our parliament, the Reichstag, visit the principal square, the Alexanderplatz and the Jewish Museum.§Nowadays Berlin is also famous for becoming the center of a  vibrant, creative, and cooperative international start-up community. People from all Europe come to Berlin to study, to work or simply as turists, for Berlin has plenty of pubs and bar

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