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How to ask a question – German Course with Eva, lesson 18

How to ask a question in german and how to use the interrogative pronouns: in this lesson you will learn how to ask question in german. lesson in english.

Das Auto

The world’s biggest international motorshow, die Internationale Automobil Ausstellung, takes place in Frankfurt every two years with nearly 1 million visitors. Driving cars is very common in Germany, since many Germans own a car. You get your driving licence, der Führerschein, at seventeen, but unless you’re eighteen you mustn’t drive without other drivers, for example your parents.
The German motorway network, the so-called Autobahn, is the oldest in the world and the only one without speed limits in Europe.
There are lots of German car brands, like Wolkswagen, BMW and Mercedes, which are famous all over the world. Germany is the second world cars and motor vehicles producer, after Japan and the USA respectively.

How to ask a question 

As in English, in German questions are formed by inverting the subject, Subjekt, with the verb, Prädikat. 
They are preceded by a question word, Fragewort. The German question words are:
– Wie how
– Wo where
– Wer who
– Was what
– Warum is the commonest equivalent to why, which can also be translated by Wieso or Weshalb 

For example:
 Wie alt bist du? How old are you?
Ich bin 20 Jahre alt I’m 20 years old
 Wo ist die Toilette? Where are the toilets?
Wer mag Kuchen? Who likes cakes? 
Was ist das? What is that? 
Warum weinst du? Why are you crying?

In German there are also questions which don’t start with a question word. They keep the inverted construction verb – subject – object, but unlike English, they don’ t start with an auxiliary (like to do). For example:

– Gehst du in die Schule? Do you go to school? The literal translation would be: go you to school?
– Spielst du Tennis? Do you play tennis?
– Kennst du Angela Merkel? Do you know Angela Merkel?
 Magst du Würstchen? Do you like sausages?

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