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The Regular Present Tense I – German Course with Eva, lesson 13

The regular present tense, the infinitive form of a verb: in this lesson you will learn how to conjugate the simple present of a regular verb in German. lesson in english.

In German, the infinitive form of a verb is made up of the root of the verb, which is called STAMM in German, and of the ending -EN
Here are some examples of infinitive forms:
Kaufen (to buy) : Kauf (stamm) + EN
Machen (to make) : Mach (stamm) + EN
Gehen (to go) : Geh (stamm) + EN
Haben (to have) : Hab (stamm) + EN, even though in the present tense, the singular persons of haben are irregular, while the plural ones are regular.

Simple present of regular verbs

In order to conjugate the simple present of a regular verb in German, you must add the endings : -E, -ST, -T, -EN, -T, -EN to the verb stamm, which remains unaltered.

Ich kaufe I buy
Du kaufst You buy
Er / Sie / Es kauft He / She / It buys
Wir kaufen We buy
Ihr kauft You buy
Sie kaufen They buy

Ich mache I make
Du machst You make
Er / Sie / Es macht He / She / It makes
Wir machen We make
Ihr macht You make
Sie machen They make

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