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French Course with Mathilde, lesson 4a – Culture, the France (English version)

French culture lesson: let’s discover La France together! We will hear this lesson in English and then you will be able to listen to the French version.

France is not only the Romantic Paris and the famous Tour Eiffel, even if going to Paris is like going to open air museum, filled with story, art and fashion.

Actually its historical heritage can be seen everywhere on its territory, from the French Riviera to Brittany, from Normandy to the gardens of Versailles, from the chateaux of the Loire to the Louvre’s treasures.

Indeed, you cannot miss Le Chateau de Versailles and its wonderful gardens situated at Paris’ doors. For that, we have to thank the egocentricity of Louis 14th who transformed a normal castle in an architectural piece of jewelry and center of French History.

Let’s go to Normandy now, where you will discover the famous Mont-Saint-Michel’s abbey. Did you know that it used to be a prison during the French revolution?

However, let’s travel to the south of France, more precisely to Nice. Did you know that one of the biggest attractions of Nice is “la promenade des Anglais”? It’s one of the most famous seafronts of the world.

And if you want to ski, the Mont Blanc remains the main mountainous to see with several ski station like Chamonix.

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