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French Course with Mathilde, lesson 2 – Basic expressions

The French basic expressions to introduce yourself, such as "what's your name?" or "where do you come from?"
 In French, when you want to ask someone what is his/her name, you usually say:

Comment tu t’appelles? if you’re talking to a peer
Comment vous vous appelez? if you’re talking to a stranger or an older person
You could also use the literal translation of what’s your name? and ask: Quel est ton nom? or Quel est votre nom?
: The answer can be: Je m’appelle… My name is… or Je suis… I am… Where are you from?

In French, the question is: D’où viens-tu? or D’où venez-vous?
Even though we have not studied the personal pronouns yet, you can already notice that in informal language you use tu (you singular) to address a peer or a friend, while in formal register you use vous (you plural) to talk to a stranger, an older person or an authority.

If you want to tell someone where you come from, you say: Je viens de Paris I come from Paris Je suis de Paris I’m from Paris J’habite Paris I live in Paris  How old are you? Finally, I will tell you how to ask for someone’s age and say how old you are. Quel âge as-tu? or Quel âge avez-vous? How old are you? J’ai 20 ans I’m 20 years old.

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